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AR3 Huge Health Benefits!

The AR-3 not only offers superb handling and stability,

it offers huge health benefits.  

By lean steering with the assistance of your arms, your entire body is participating in the ride experience.  The main power source being your legs on all standard and recumbent bicycles, but very little is exerted on the entire body.  

While retirees have found a comfortable perch on both two and 3 wheel recumbents, most of the upper body is void of any involvement of balancing in the cycling experience. You will get Huge health benefits while riding the AR3.

The AR-3 demands the rider to participate in the ride with upper body steering input. This builds the entire set of core muscles, including arm strength and overall balance and coordination.  This makes the AR-3 not only an adrenaline seekers thrill machine, but a health machine that works your entire body…..and soul.